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India has total child population of about 35 to 40 crores society of which 47% are malnourished, 25 to30 % are uneducated, 25,700,000 are street children and orphans, 17,000,000 are child laborers and many are handicapped [physical or mental] children.

As these figures speak volumes of need and support , we started and registered CHIN in the year 2004-2005 to extend our support to those children who are in real need. Initially our activities were only to a personal level like conducting peadiatric health camps and supporting few children financially for their education.

In the process we came to know lot many people have the threshold to respond to the needed children but with no appropriate platform. We wish CHIN to be a bridge between those who need help and those who can lend help and make CHIN available for more children in need.

The activities of CHIN are entirely restricted to children who are in need of PROPER HEALTH AND EDUCATION, which are the basic needs of every child. But many children don't have these basic needs and CHIN works for that.

The programmes are designed to four groups of children for their proper health and education.

  • Those who are malnourished and unaware of proper nutrition, hygiene and false beliefs with added low economic status.
  • The orphans or street children feeling insecure with no proper guidance and emotional support and turning their valuable lives into miserable stories.
  • The child laborers where their tender hands and minds are disturbed and their happiness and blooming thoughts are suppressed.
  • The handicapped [either physical or mental] children who are to be nurtured and given support in all aspects with humanity in our minds and make them feel comfortable in the society.